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Hi everyone,

Last year I got myself a GT Avalanche 4.0 2012 disc. Wasn't sure if I was going to stick at it so just picked up something cheap, now I'm using the bike 2 or 3 times a week I'm thinking of upgrading the fork and pedals. Before I start spending money on this bike is it worth upgrading? Or should I get rid and purchase a new hardtail? If I was to buy new I would have a budget of around £500.

Any advice would be great.


  • welshkev
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    if you only have a budget of £500 I'd say upgrade. maybe forks and brakes
  • Craig24
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    Is the frame worth upgrading? If I was to buy another bike id be looking at second hand for £500 ish, I think the "new" might of been the wrong wording!
  • fielonator
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    You should be able to find something pretty decent 2nd hand in your budget. Also, if you've improved since you started or have changed your riding style/habits then a different sort of bike may be a good idea.

    Is there anything specific you'd like to improve about your bike? Or do you feel you are limited by it? If the list is too long it's usually better to start from the ground up.
  • The Rookie
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    The frame is good but not amazing, competitive with the later Carrera or say a spesh Hardrock.

    £500 buys a very decent used hardtail, but then you could upgrade with used parts and it would cost you less!
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  • kajjal
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    Buy Used if you are confident and take your time , £500 will get you a good condition MTB that originally cost around £1,000. Buying new is the less risky option but you get less for your money and you may not see big gains.