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Boardman fs bearings

BalaclavasBalaclavas Posts: 61
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Good morning all!

I'm looking for a pair of replacement bearings for my 2012 Boardman fs team. I have searched this forum amongst others looking for this information but no luck. Halfords have got the part but want £20 for one bearing which seems steep for a rear chainstay pivot. I was wondering if anyone on here has switched out bearings and happens to have the codes to hand?

I'm going to give Halfords a ring and see if they can just give me the code, but I'm not hopefull, my local manager has been badgering head office for a week or two about this, so no problems with the guys there at all.

Would it be worth compiling a list on here of all the bearing codes for this bike as it seems so hard to get them?


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Check Katec on Ebay. Might have them.
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  • Cool, have chucked them an email. Hopefully they know the size, otherwise, i'll have the frame appart this weekend to have a look.
  • heez29heez29 Posts: 612
    BETD make the pivot kit now for the 2011/12/13 FSs. Give them a ring, about £70 for the full kit IIRC
  • I emailed betd a couple of weeks back to ask if they can ship individual parts of the whole kit, but I got no response, I'll try again, May give them a bell if I get a chance. The whole pivot kit is now the princely sum of £110 which seems a bit steep when I only need a couple of bits from it.
  • nasha48nasha48 Posts: 227
    Mine's a Boardman Comp FS 2010 which I think is the same rear sus set up as yours. Just in the process of replacing main pivot bearings adj the BB. Agree with you that it's not easy to find these sorts of details out for the older Boardmans. What may help you is that I found out, via extensive web searching, "Bolt Kit order code - 360013" and "Bearing Kit order code 125578". However, I had more joy with Halfords in that they found the full rear sus pivot kit for £38.99 on their system BUT I didn't end up ordering it because it shares the same pivot kit as a Voodoo Canzo frame, which is where I ended up getting it out of (long story). Anyway, thought this may help you.
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