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swapping parts from one bike to another?

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I have an older bike but with mainly good 105 components, and I have a new Giant Defy 5.

Is it worth swapping all the bits over......or what bits are worth swapping.

Both are 28-11 teeth rear cassette.....Defy has cheaper Shimano long cage, older bike has 105 short cage.
Both are 50-34 chainrings, old bike has hollowtech and external bearings....Defy has internal cartridge BB

Or should I just enjoy the Defy as it is? :-)



  • simonjsimonj Posts: 346
    Is the 105 stuff 10 speed and the Defy 2300, if so may be worth swapping if 105 is not worn out. BB may be different, my Defy is a press fit BB86, but the Defy 5 if 13/14 may be screw in and if so may be standard English Shimano screw in and so will take the external bearings.
  • KYOTEKYOTE Posts: 3

    All the 105 parts are compatible and the BB is threaded.

    Just wandered if having the short cage and being 105 it would give less chain bounce and the crank set a stiffer feel!

  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,184
    If both the BB's are threaded and the same width, then it should be easy enough to swop them over. I thought the Defy 5 was 16 speed? If you say that all the components are compatible, then why not just buy a 105 RD for the Defy instead of swopping everything over?
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