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Place in Fred Witton going spare

dakkardakkar Posts: 64

Due to my wife having to have an operation I can't take part in the Fred any more this Sunday. If anyone would like my place please PM me.



  • Going to struggle to pass this on as you need to let the organisers know as it's photo ID; driving licence or passport to sign on - we had to make it that way for numerous reasons that I'm happy to share if you do want them.

    If you let me know or contact the Fred Website page then we can deffer your place until next year should you so wish and we have a list of reserves ready to take your place.

  • Also it's next Sunday, not this one... Maybe you can now make it?!?! LOL ;-)
  • dakkardakkar Posts: 64
    Thanks Carbon,

    I have been in touch with the website, that would be great if it could be deferred to next year.
  • Yes, that's why we do it this way otherwise you lose your precious lottery place. 2000 riding this year but we were over 200% subscribed! Hope you're wife's better soon!
  • dakkardakkar Posts: 64
    Thanks Carbon, I'll pass on your good wishes and I'll hopefully see you next year.
  • Yeah, I might even be riding it for a change! That is, IF I can get a place! ;-)
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