What Bike? With a difference!

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Hello chaps,

Sorry for yet another What Bike thread... But you are all the wealth of knowledge on the subject!

I'm looking ahead a bit at getting my first 'Full-Susser' in the next few months. The only problem is my choice is somewhat limited, due to my size - I'm 6'8'' and weigh just under 18st...

I currently have a Trek X-Caliber 7 29'er, which has been a great bike to get me into it and learn the basics. The Trek is a size 23'' frame which is a pretty decent fit. I also found the larger 29'er wheels suited my size also.

I'm looking to get onto a more aggressive bike. At the moment, I tend to do some local single-track around Harlestone Firs and Woburn Sands. I've got a few more trips planned in the future - Chicksands, Sherwood Pines and a weekender over in Wales.

I'll probably end up going with another 29'er, as the frame sizes tend to be larger also. Although I would not be averse to a 650b/27.5 bike.

Budget would be around £1,500-2,000 so want to get an idea of how long I need to save for! If it's the 'right bike' I could be tempted to spend a little more!

I know it's going to be a case of trying to sit on as many as possible, which is my intention - I'm just looking to you guys for any other suggestions that fit the above criteria and are manufactured with the larger 22''+ frame sizes.


Here's what I've been looking at anyway;

http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/cube ... prod114162
http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/ghos ... prod111426
http://www.leisurelakesbikes.com/p/1284 ... -bike-2014

http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/ghos ... prod111440


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    Bought mine from Hargraves online for 2K. I'm 18 stone (got a medium) and the large will be easily big and strong enough for you.
    Apart from the saddle (too hard) its the only bike out of 6 that I haven't modified.
    Brilliant, Brilliant bike.
    Read the reviews
    Chinese All Carbon Hybrid, mixed with overdraft and research.
    Hong Kong Phoey - Quicker than the human eye!

    Not enough: bikes, garage space or time.
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    Cheers for the suggestion, but its more to do with frame size, rather than the weight it can manage - On account of my height.
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    I have a couple friends over 6'6", one only rides XL Treks, the other has XL Specialized bikes. Both have 26" wheels and have no problem riding very fast.
    I would avoid buying a bike you haven't tried for size. My bike has an XL frame and is about the same as most large frames.
    Giant make XL frames but they are hard to get hold of in the uk.