That difficult second album !

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Hi - I'm looking for advice/recommendations on my second bike, currently have a ridgeback world voyage which is fine but I find quite heavy and sluggish, my requirements are:

commuting, light tourer, fast Sunday runs, leading to audax, relaxed geometry,somewhere between racer & tourer. Must be able to run 28mm tyres & have ability to have rear rack & mudguards fitted. price between £1.5k to £2-£2.5k - whole bike must be 9.5kg max
Any frame material - Ideally disc brakes.
Rear spacer 135mm, double crank fine (50/34 ?), 32 spoke rear otherwise lightest, strongest wheels for the bucks, tyres good puncture resistance and decent road speed, shimano 105 or above equivalent group set

Off the peg would be pref but not adverse to getting frame and getting it built by LBS (so recommendations of parts would be appropriated if that your advice).

Currently thinking:

Obera avant M30d
Hewitt alpine carbon
Kimesis tripster atr
Jamis quest
Genesis equalibrium

Please help !


  • Change of plan !

    Boiler looks like it's on it's last legs so budget now restricted to around £1200 - any advice much appreciated....:-)
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    To get to 9.5kg for £1,200 with disks I think you'll be looking at an aluminium frame. Whyte Suffolk?