Good cheap FS AM bikes?

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I enjoying biking and have been riding a regular mountain bike with no shocks.
I need an upgrade and love to go offroad on challenging terrains, up/down hill. I was at a bike auction yesterday and there was a Diamondback XSL that went for $330 (it did need new disk breaks and maybe front shocks... good deal missed?)
I dont want a hardtail bike, but only a full suspension. Are there any good FS bikes that you can get for under $1000? (have not been able to find one yet. can be used)

If there are not any how about buying just the frame and the parts separately? How much would that cost me to build after ordering everything?

What are some good brands to buy?

Thank you! :)


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    Based on the $ you are presumably somewhere outside the UK. Would that be HK$, AUS$ or possibly even US$?
    This is a predominantly UK site, so unlikely to be much use.
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    $1000 USD
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    Very unlikely you will get a worthwhile full suspension for that money, based on UK prices you need at least $1300 even assuming you get there is s similar price conscious brand available in the US to the ones we can get here.

    P.S. Disc, Brakes, and forks (not front shocks).....
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