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Brake upgrade

lee.mlee.m Posts: 24
edited April 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
I currently run Hope mono mini brakes, front 160mm, rear 140mm. I want to upgrade to shimano, either xt or xtr. I've been told that I need a 160mm rotor on the rear as shimano don't make a 140mm rotor. is this right ?

Would I need an adapter to run a 160 mm rear ?
Would the new calipers and rotors (160 both ends) just bolt straight on ?

Any help would be appreciated as my tech knowledge is minimal.



  • BG2000BG2000 Posts: 517
    You haven't specified what fitting your current brakes are.

    Hope made an IS version of the mono caliper with really short tabs so when fitted without an adaptor, it uses a 140mm rotor (I have this exact setup on one of my bikes). From my experience, I don't think Shimano make a rear IS caliper that takes a 140mm rotor, only a 160mm as you've stated. So you wouldn't need an adaptor, you'd just install the caliper straight onto the frame, just like you're doing now with the Hope, but you'd need a 160mm rotor. If you're on a budget, just look on eBay. I actually gave someone a pair of XT 160mm rotors for free the other day - they're not worth anything 2nd hand.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Shimano don't make any IS calliper now I don't believe (M965 was the last one?), you just use the right adaptor for the 140mm rear disc with the PM caliper to your frame, ir if the hope is PM, fir the Shimano to the same adaptor.

    As it happens you could use a front M965 calliper to run a 140mm on the rear anyway!
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  • lee.mlee.m Posts: 24
    Many thanks for your help.
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