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Help setting up rockshox revelation and monarch r please

mc_hawkings24mc_hawkings24 Posts: 51
edited April 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi i've just bought a nukeproof mega tr 275 and i wanted to setup the front shock and the monarch r rear shock.
I did download the instructions off the sram site but its just more stripping down and rebuilding them and nothing to do with setting up and what does what so abit naff compared to fox. Anyway the front shock is a RockShox Revelation RLT Solo Air 150mm, I've checked the side of the shock for weight and psi and for my weight its 190pounds so it saids 90-125psi so i've wacked it up to 125psi but probably let it down abit when i know what sag it should be?
also the rebound clicker under the shock leg how many clicks for my weight?
Also i counted 28 clicks on the floodgate but how many should i set it to?
then theres the dna motion control clicker?

Rear shock is easier its pumped to 200psi and I get 25% sag is that ok? and how many clicks of rebound should I choose for my weight?

would love to get it setup right thanks


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Whatever is right for you. Set sag at say 25%, damping on a middlish setting and experiment.
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  • I just went out and set the rebound on the rear to 4 clicks like my old fox float r and go from there.
    I let front shock down to 100psi and got it to around 25% sag and rebound in the middle. I turned the floodgate to the middle then noticed it turns with the motion control setting how much floodgate there is.
    Only got it thursday :) but thanks cooldad.
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