New to Road cycling. Which bike

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I'm a mountain biker have been for a few years. My Brother does a lot of road cycling and enters lots of 100+ miles events.
I would eventually like to join him in these events. I'm a fit Guy, so just need to purchase a road bike and get some miles in.
I would have 2k to spend tops. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

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    Ask your brother what he recommends - he's knows you better than we do. 100s to choose from, will be mainly about preference of styling for you as no dud bikes st that price point.

    You sort of need to narrow it down a bit and then ask for comparisons of one to another, otherwise all you get with such an open question on a forum is people recommending what they currently ride.

    I'd buy the next model up from him just to pee him off :D
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    As said for £2k there's huge choice so you need to narrow it down a little. At that price your talking full 11 speed ultegra and full carbon frame.

    But I do agree with buying the same as your brother one one model better!
  • t4tomo wrote:

    I'd buy the next model up from him just to pee him off :D

    Good advise :lol:
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    As has already been said, your brother is probably the best person to speak to.

    I would avoid spending anywhere near £2k on a first road bike though unless you have lots of spare cash- a £6-700 bike with a nice pair of wheels that fits you properly will serve you almost as well as a £2k bike. You'll also have a two pairs of wheels- one for winter/ training and one for events, and the nice pair can always be swapped onto a nice bike later down the line.
    I tend to think that near the 2k mark the bikes are designed with different purposes in mind, such as sportives/ comfort, climbing, aero, out and out racing etc. I would get some experience with a cheaper bike first so you know which route you want to go down, and then you always have your cheaper bike for winter riding and 'riskier' events.

    Have fun!
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    Thanks for the advice Guys.

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