Your thoughts on this one?

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It seems a lot of bike for your money (~£1160 -). The model up is ~£1700 and comes with an Ultegra 6800 groupset over a 105 5700. Thats not £540 more bike imo. Though the quoted 6.85 kg/7.55kg can't just be the groupset difference can it?

Any other recommendations around this price mark? I've been looking at Ribble 872/Canyon/PlanetX too.


  • string78
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    This is the 2013 model (exactly the same as the 2014 frame apart from Matt finish instead of Gloss).

    In terms of weight, the CRS 3000 has a better wheelset and finishing kit. Mine comes in at 7.4kg including two bottle holders, pedals and Garmin / Mount.

    It's certainly a good bike and I'm sure you will be more than happy if you go for it.
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    That's the bike I have. When I ordered just before Xmas I got a random extra 10% off that I only knew about when they took my payment, so I got in at under £1100 including delivery. For that sort of money I don't think there's a better bike on the market. It's the same frame as per all the other CRS/CSL models. 105 works just fine (and I certainly couldn't justify spending almost £600 on upgrading to ultegra) and the RS1400s are a great wheelset that retails at £450 on their own. If you can get one in your size it's a bargain.
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    Buy it.
  • passout
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    In operation I don't think theres much difference in 105 and ultegra. Looks good anyway.
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