Quality road bike rental in San Francisco - help needed!

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Hi all,

In a couple of months we're taking a holiday in San Francisco. Whilst I'm there I'm hoping to ride the Paradise Loop. I'd like to rent a decent road bike, preferably with a Campagnolo drive train, as that's what I'm used to. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'll need to rent a helmet too, as I'm not planning to pack one from the UK - unless I have to, that is. We're staying near Golden Gate Park, on the edge of Haight-Ashbury, if that helps to narrow it down.

Any recommendations gratefully received - thanks!

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    There are loads of bike rental shops at Fishermans wharf, not far from you. Some have reasonable road bikes but I wouldn't worry too much about specific group sets. You are most likely to find something with 105 or Di2.

    If you are staying near Golden Gate park I would take some waterproofs as that end of town is often very foggy and cold.
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    A few years ago I invested a couple of hundred pounds in a decent bike box.
    It costs to carry it on the flight of course and can be a faff getting to and from the airport but it's great to go riding on a bike you're familiar with. Like going on holiday with your best friend in a way.
    Plus no big problems setting the bike up to fit when you get there as you as you would with a hire bike.
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    I've used Blazing Saddles (which has several branches, but you'll probably want to go to the North Beach location for a decent selection of road bikes):

    http://www.blazingsaddles.com/san-franc ... bikes.aspx

    Helmet should be included in the rental. Doesn't look like they have Campag, though. I think the standard Paradise Loop re-crosses the Golden Gate Bridge on the return journey, but it can be fun to take the ferry back to the city from Sausalito (good view from the deck while drinking something cold from the bar).
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    Hi everyone, and thanks for your replies.

    I'm going to go the rental route as I don't want to take my bike - too much hassle with baggage and nowhere to store it whilst in SF. Plus I think I'll only get one solo ride whilst we're there...

    I spotted one shop which includes a Seven Axoim in its demo/rental fleet, so I plan to try them first!

    Beer on the ferry on the way back sounds good to me!

    Thanks all!

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    Another vote for blazing saddles, used them in oct last year and got a Spesh roubaix.
  • Try sports basement. I didn't get a chance to use them when I was there last year but I read plenty good reviews when I was planning to hire a bike there. They have a variety of alu/carbon bikes for a reasonable price, and it's very close to the Golden Gate Bridge. Also a shop if you fancy treating yourself