Got to give some credit...

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Ok, so Halfords get a bit of a bad name regarding their bikes/maintenance/knowledge. However, I've got to give credit today...

A few months ago I bust the chainstay on my Boardman Comp FS and, within a week it was fixed up via Halfords finding a new Voodoo Canzo frame, stripping off the chainstay swing arm, fitting it on my Boardman. I was a bit miffed at the charge of £80 parts + £80 labour but that feeling didn't last more than 5 mins as I was more than happy to have it sorted.

Move on to last weekend and I make a right hash of removing the main swing arm pivot bearings next to the BB (they were pretty shot for a while and overdue replacement). In my barbaric attempt at removal, I severely damaged a couple of very specific looking aluminium bushings/spacers. Following a chat with LBS + a bit of forum research, I thought I'd struggle to sort a replacement out for weeks on end. However, popped into Halfords this afternoon to explain the pivot kit I needed. To my surprise, they located the parts on their ordering system and I was about to place the order when the guy says "you weren't the one who had the snapped chainstay a while back are you?" On confirmation, he tells me he thinks he still has the Canzo frame out the back and, if so, I'm welcome to have the bearings + pivot kit for nothing. He makes a quick attempt at removal to no avail so I tell him there's no rush and to give me a call next week if he has any joy, otherwise I'll buy the kit new. 15 mins later whilst I'm driving home, phone rings, he's removed it all, I turn car around and get the 4 bearings, bushings/spacers from him and walk out a super happy customer.

Now I know I've gone on a bit here but I did feel this needed a mention. I honestly thought this headache was going to go on for ages based on needing specific parts for an old Boardman MTB. HALFORDS CHRISTCHURCH - I SALUTE YOU!! :D


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    It all goes to prove one of the laws of life that I have found to be constant throughout my life. In any large organisation service is about the person you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to meet on the day you need something. It has very little to do with training, process or procedure.

    You were fortunate enough to find a goodun. :D
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    Yeh, agree, he's bloody good. Clearly, he cares, which goes a long long way.

    All I've got to do now is work out how the hell I extract the remaining 3 outer bearing races from my pivot tube so I can get the new kit in!