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Raleigh Cayusa

synetsynet Posts: 4
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HI everyone!! New here, and was just after a bit of advice.

I have a Raleigh Cayusa Series 2 which I bought in 2001, and it's had little use since!! I've started to get back on it now, but have found that I have a buckled back wheel, and the gears are playing up a bit. I think the cable must be getting stuck somewhere. I can find very little info on the bike, but the spec is here: I'm just wondering if the bike is worth upgrading? Or should I just go for a new bike? From my limited knowledge, the bike looks to be well spec'ed and is fairly light? The only problem is, I don't know if the bike will take disc brakes? I know I will have to change the front fork, but am not sure about the rear. There are 2 holes there, are these to take a disc brake? Looking at other bikes, it doesn't look like the same kind of mounting? Don't know if this will work, but here's pic:

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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