Help for Bigfoot

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I have been wearing the same old pair of Shimano RO87 since I started bike on my bike a couple of years ago, they are beginning to look a bit shabby now after constant use and to be fair they are very functional but I want something a bit more blingy and light, I will probably keep using what I have now for winter use.

I am a size 12 in every other shoe I have, but these Shimanos are Euro size 50 (UK15?? :shock: ) when I should be a 47, can anyone else who has faced problem this advise me of a brand I can buy from that will be close to true sizes and also come in my size?, most of them seem to stop at size 11.

I bought the Shimanos from my LBS but they have a limited range so I will probably buy online, I just can't be bothered with the hassle of having to keep sending shoes back due to wrong sizing.

Any help appreciated, thanks.