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What is your Top 10 Dream Bike list?

MiniJordanMiniJordan Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in MTB general
The other day I was doing the whole New Years resolution thing and it got me thinking about bikes that I want to own. So I put together my dream list with photos over on my blog.
What is your Top 10 ? Do you own any of these bike but don't feel the same way about it? I am sure this has been done a million times, but a search for Dream Bikes didn't turn up anything.


  • love my Blur LT to bits and my ragley but if I had the cash......

    Spicy Team as I'm dying to try the E:i system and it looks like a perfect setup!
    Bronson Carbon with sram xx1, that new monarch plus and a pike along with ENVE rims!
    Giant anthem carbon 29
    pashley tube rider (I love my tube rider!)
    ice cream bike because...... I like ice cream
    penny farthing.... errrrrrr
    I'd happy with them!
    Yeti SB66c 2013
  • maybe a butchers bike with a basket full of steak!
    Yeti SB66c 2013
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    MiniJordan wrote:
    The other day I was doing the whole New Years resolution thing
    I'm guessing you must be Hindu to be considering new years resolutions in April! (to save you checking new years day for Hindus was March 31st).

    I almost have 4 of my top ten and have access to the 5th.
    1/ Lightweight 26" short travel HT - XC/trail/off road touring bike
    2/ Commuter specced for my commute
    3/ Retro MTB, steel, V's, rigid etc
    4/ Town hack bike that doesn't look worth stealing but is a decent ride
    (all I can think of ways of improving, but they are close 'enough')
    5/ 1950's style rod braked sit up and beg (made in 2014 but you wouldn't know it)

    Not sure what else would fill in the top ten but I'd have a lightweight trail bike, 100-120mm rear, 120-130mm front.

    Nothing too big on travel I'm not a good enough rider and probably too old to learn to be good enough to warrant the bike - and I at least know my limitations.
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