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just like to add even though im going to get in trouble.

i liked vtechs posts after intially teething problems and found him amusing and his opinions on most things valid, like dear old maggie and the state of the nation (but then im 29 going on 75 and a right moaner). as for saying he contributed nothing to a cycling forum, boo hoo. he posted in bb or cake stop, and that what they are there fore. he didnt post non cycling related stuff in the actual cycling sections as far as i ever saw. and what person doesnt post tripe on here, by the definition mentioned , everyone in bb or cake stop should be banned...if they dont post helpful messages in the cycling sections...maybe on wearing team jerseys or waving at other cyclists...

hopefully he returns and shouldnt be forced off by others. troll or not he was amusing when i used to frequent this place.

thats my 2 cents. go ahead and ban me, lock it, whatever i don't care as i have my tyre answer and i wont be back on here especially as pinarello has stopped talking to me!

sorry velonutter...dont mean to disobey you, as you were seemingly the most considerate and 'let it go' mod, just had to comment on people saying its good the old chap has gone when characters like that make forums.

Au revoir!

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