Bike boxes and rental cars

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Thought it might be useful to have a thread that lists rental cars and success with bike boxes. At least then we get a chance to request the car type and not have the anxious will it/won't it moment when you get the car.

List the type of box, car and seat config to make it work (useful if you've managed to see it to the missus that the bike can come ;-) )

I'll kick this off;

VW Passett saloon - bike box Alan, fit into the boot but all rear seats flat
Ford C max - bike box Alan, box fits if you have the middle rear seat down, you can still use two seats in the back and have some boot space for two good size cases


  • bernithebiker
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    Fiat 500.

    JUST takes an Evoc bike bag, with space for me and the misses and a few small bags.

    Was a pretty close thing, though…..