Loose pedal - quick fix suggestions

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Hi guys,

My LBS warned me that my crank threads were bad at the last service, and low and behold, on an extended home commute, the pedal became loose (shimano SPD-SL).
Funds are low this month - but the bike is due a new crank anyway, so just wondering what would keep it going for a week or two?
I checked the pedal, threads in nicely the whole way, but at the end it doesn't tighten, just keeps spinning round.
Could I use plumbers tape on the pedal threads to beef it up and maybe jam it in - or use loctite? (hoping for something that I can find in a dash to sainsburys or lidl this evening!!)
Im not worrying about removing again - just something that will keep me commuting for a couple of weeks until I can get a replacement.
Any suggestions appreciated!!


  • bsharp77
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    Sorry guys, just to clarify, im getting lateral movement in the pedal (I can wiggle it up and down slightly)
  • team47b
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    So are you saying the thread is damaged on the outer edge of the crank?

    As a temporary fix, put a large washer on the pedal thread, this will then lock up between the pedal and the crank and the pedal will effectively reach the end of its travel earlier and lock up on a different part of the thread.

    This makes perfect sense in my head, although re-reading it I think it lost a bit in translation :D
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  • bsharp77
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    Thanks for the reply team47b - i actually had the exact same thought walking home from sainsburys empty handed!!
    7 different colours of toilet roll, but not a roll of plumbers tape or loctite to be seen!

    Ill pedal into work as light as I can tomorrow and see if I can find a washer to try - hopefully this might keep me going.
    I shall report back with my findings - any further suggestions appreciated!!
  • lesfirth
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    I can not give you a DIY solution but my LBS repaired a crank of mine with a helicoil thread insert. Cost about £10.

    Good as new after the repair.
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    A decent LBS should be able to install a helicoil insert for about a tenner - it'll be stronger than the original
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    Monty Dog wrote:
    A decent LBS should be able to install a helicoil insert for about a tenner - it'll be stronger than the original
    Plus 1. The bike shouldn't really be 'due a new crank' - it might be due a new BB or new chainrings but it's hard to see how it could be due a new crank - so a tenner to fix it is a good solution.
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