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Does you heel slip in your shoes?

Wormishere1Wormishere1 Posts: 284
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I have just got some dhb shoes with carbon soles (super rigid!) (

They feel like they fit well, but when I try and walk my heel slips. I just tried with my Shimano MX30's which they are replacing and there is a little more slip with the dhb's. Does this matter? I guess it should be how they ride on the bike rather than slipping when walking (which I guess is accentuated as the sole has ZERO flex in it)?

I just don't fancy tightening up the cleats only to find they should fit better?!
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  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    I use carbon soled Shimano shoes and wouldn't go back to non carbon.
    Mine rub a little as I walk, just because the foot nnaturally moves as you walk but the shoe stays rigid. I have never noticed it on the bike but it did get quite painful after a 14 mile push when my freehub stripped.
  • Wormishere1Wormishere1 Posts: 284

    Cheers for this. I went for my first ride in them yesterday and they were fine after I put a super thin insole into them. Well I say fine, but I need to trim part of the insoles to match my odd shaped feet as there was a pressure point on the outside of each foot.

    I wasn't expecting much difference but it felt much more stable over rock gardens etc and noticable on the climbs too.
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