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MTB racing for kids under 10

originaltravoriginaltrav Posts: 3
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Anyone know of any events that cater for the under 10s , can't find anything in the Manchester area shocking really when its the home of British cycling , my lad 8 wants to give racing a go but so far no joy .


  • FerralsFerrals Posts: 785
    the welsh series does, and the uk national series has under 12s e(I just looked). I know its not near you but there must be some. have you looked on the events on british cycling or
  • Have checked loads of sites and did find some of those you mention but would like a local event for his first one. He is a member of The Scorpions MTB club at the NCC but they dont get funding to hold races or such like ,i have also contacted the local Go-Ride club at the NCC but so far no response. Guess i'll have to keep searching.
  • Our local series in the Eastern region has an under 9's race series. Mud sweat and gears

    Hopefully there might be a similar series in your area. It is hard to organise such a wide range of age catagories, but amazingly rewarding for all involved!
  • PuttyKneesPuttyKnees Posts: 381
    You don't need funding to hold a go ride race. You just need a park, a few stakes, a few volunteers and some riders. It's that simple.

    Try ... -6#summary

    If that's not convenient - the organiser has a BC email address so I guess he might be one of the regional go ride coaches and can point you in the right direction.

    There's also this ... ss-Round-1 which might be the NW equivalent to MSG/Southern/MidsXC etc, and though it doesn't say anything about u12 races apart from mentioning youths, almost every MTB race I've been to has a race for the u12s. Worth contacting.
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