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The 'Define irony' thread

Ride hardRide hard Posts: 389
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I would imagine that everyone experiences ironic situations that make them smile, cry or go all Dr David Banner, so here's one I would like to share.

I recently got left hooked by a driver who very kindly wanted to introduce me to his passenger door - the driver in question was driving a Nissan Note. I saw an advert for said car last week with a voiceover that boldly states "Expect the unexpected. Introducing new safety shield technology" which is Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Moving Object Detection.

Well, if I was that driver I would ask for a refund because this new fangled technology spectacularly failed to anticipate his dithering, then suicidal sharp left turn from the middle of the road without indicating and the fact that doing so would take me out. Ughh.

Does anyone have any other ironic stories to share?
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Clubber Lang: "Prediction?"
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