Trek/Bontrager XR1 Team Tyre inflation/seating Problems

barrysayer Posts: 18
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I'm not new to biking but i'm no expert either. Just got myself a Trek Superfly 8 which i love, it did me proud over the Sea2Sea last weekend.

But, i had a couple of punctures, i changed the tyre as normal and rode off, the tyre/wheel is tubeless ready but its not tubeless, i have tubes as supplied by Trek. The tyre was not sitting right and giving a slightly bumpy ride, so i stopped and took tyre off and tried again, was no better. When i got to my hostel, luckily the guy who ran it was a bike whizz, he was unsure at first but then managed to get the tyre to sit correctly by inflating to 80PSI and then obviously dropping it back to 40psi to ride with.

This happened a couple more times over course of last 2 weeks and on each occasion i have not been able to get the tyre to sit right with just a hand pump and a CO2 inflator. I would hand pump until firm and then harden with CO2, but most i'd get in is 30-40psi which wasn't enough to make the tyre sit right. On each occasion i have come home or called at a bike shop to use track pump, inflate to 80psi, it then sits correctly and then i let some air out.

This worries me a bit as i'll never get that much air in on the road side.

Anyone had similar problems and any good solutions? Any advice would be good.