Has anyone done the Wiltshire LunarTic sportive?

nuggiebok Posts: 63
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I'm thinking of entering this night time challenge. It's on 18th May, although I will need to invest in a light to enable me to see and one that lasts 5+ hours...on a small budget. There are three distance options, 60km, 80km or 100/120km I think. http://www.lunarticrides.co.uk/

I'm thinking about it because it is two weeks before a 100km charity night time even I am taking part in already, so would use this as a night time training ride if I covered one of the shorter distances.

Reading the website it talks about vampires and zombies giving chase at certain places. I don't want the crap scared out of me, considering I'd be doing this on my own with no riding buddies ... What do you think?