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What saddlebag for a 300km Audax?

Apologies if this should be in the "buying advice" section, just wanted to put it in front of people that would know.

I'm doing my first 300km Audax in a couple of weeks time and want to get a saddlebag large enough for a couple of tubes, spare raincoat, multi-tool, etc. and some spare food, and bits and bobs I'm going to need for the ride. I've done a 200km rides but feel this needs a bit more than the small bag I have at present.

I've looked at the Caradice Super C Audax, but the cost seems high, and the fixing system seems overly complicated for a normal saddle with standard rails.

So, any advice on what to get? Assuming it goes OK I may want to step up to 400km or even 600km next, so it would be good to cover that too. And any other advice on long-distance Audax also gratefully received.
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