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Broke my Collar Bone. 3 or more places.

photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,135
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censored !

Long distance training run today on my slicks. Silly little kink and hump on cycle path and the back wheel flips out. Wouldn't even consider the obstacle a problem on XC but it chucked me with a big off landing on my shoulder. Compound fracture and needs an op next week to fit a plate. Buggeration.

Oh the joys of cycling. Should have washed the car instead.


  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 15,247
    Bad times. The last injury I had was an accident on a cycle path.
    Passing a pedestrian on a dark morning (after ringing my bell) I didn't see the 15 foot long lead to the dog in the hedge on the opposite side of the patg.
    Broken wrist and lots of gravel rash plus ruined tights and a wrecked rear wheel. And the walker was just shouting at me for upsetting his dog!
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,135
    Yes. Cycle paths are the most dangerous places. I'm sticking to XC and single track from now on !
  • declan1declan1 Posts: 2,470
    Also had a crash on a cycle path a while back, spraining my wrist but luckily nothing broken - gnarly stuff! :P

    Hope you get better soon!

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • SoggzSoggz Posts: 221
  • SoggzSoggz Posts: 221
  • I feel your pain, mate. I did my collarbone in January (black ice round the corner from where I live, on my way to work :x ) and had a plate put in. Took a while to get over it but, as I've got back to providing a taxi service on my shoulders to my three year old boy, I'm pretty much back to normal now. However, I've got another appointment next week for a review and to get on the list to have the plate out.
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,135
    Some impressive iron-mongery going on there. Glad to hear that recovery is quick once the plate is installed. Seeing surgeon next week hopefully.

    Any recommendations for a good, cheap, basic turbo trainer? Need to keep pedalling as soon as possible to aid recovery.
  • buddy_clubbuddy_club Posts: 935
    cheapo one from decathlon or halfords will do fine
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