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Swapping Elixir 1's for Shimano XT's

slt76slt76 Posts: 5
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Hi all

Can I ask for some help/advice with a planned upgrade.

I have a Carrera Fury 2012. I am planning on ditching the Elixir 1's for a set of XT (2013 models) that I have been offered. Will they go straight on to the existing 160 rotors? Will the callipers just swap straight over or do I need to change the mounts. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    You should be fine.
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  • slt76slt76 Posts: 5
    Many thanks nicklouse.
  • cobbacobba Posts: 282
    Don't use Avid's CPS washers with the Shimano brake, they'll pack it out too much and the pads will overhang the rotor.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    Remove avid lever and calliper from adaptor, fit XT levers and bolt XT calliper to adaptor using the correct (shorter) length bolt UNLESS you have the later Elixir1 (see tech docs on SRAM website) that don't have the CPS (cone shaped) washers in which case you can usually use the Avid bolts.
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