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RockShox Pike 351 Issue

turbodogturbodog Posts: 246
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I am having a problem with my Pitch Pro's forks - RockShox Pike 351 140 mm travel (made for spech) where I am unable to get a full travel and it goes down to 95mm with a clunk (or thunk) noise. I had this bike for few years without an issue. Also note that I left the bike unused for a year in the garage.

Couple of questions I got

1) Is it easy to service the forks? What RockShox service kit would i need? The last time I remember there was a debate about the forks is a cut down version of Pike.

2) I have noticed there is a wee oil leak from the rebound adjustment side? Is that normal? If not, what do I need to do to fix this?

3) Do you know where I can find a service manual for this fork? if you got a copy, can you send it to me?

4) Mostly important, how do I resolve the full travel issue?
Any advice would be good.....


  • ... shox/7,415

    All you need. Just google service kit for your model . Wouldn't be surprised if an o ring has failed. Get parts and go for it yourself or contact a specialist like tf tuned . I stripped and serviced my fork after an o ring failed . If you follow the sram guide and work methodically it's straightformard.
  • mattwindmattwind Posts: 9
    My 327 did exactly the same. It will be the o-ring at the end of the damper shaft. It will have let all the oil into the bottom of the fork leg causing a hydraulic lock. I just sourced a new o-ring from the internet and replaced it. As CDB says, it is quite simple to do. Just download the manual. My LBS quoted me a huge sum and a 2-week turn around (in the middle of summer!) so I did it myself. :)
  • turbodogturbodog Posts: 246
    Thank you for the manual link and advice. You are right, it is so easy to service the forks. :-) The cause of this issue was fautly o-ring in damper shaft.

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