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My Ti... in Roubaix Mode

look565wonglook565wong Posts: 301
edited April 2014 in Your road bikes
Hi All,

Just like to share my Van Nicholas Chinook in Roubaix mode :mrgreen:

Got a new set of Ambrosio Nemesis Tubular rims on Zenith hubs with some FMB 25mm Paris Roubaix tubbies from Derek at Wheelsmith, Falkirk. Rode the Paris Roubaix Challenge (Only 170km) the day before the Pros & it did the job perfectly for me, what a blast, what a riding experience!


More photos, with all the Pave dust still attached :D[email protected] ... 161236076/

Hope you like it!



  • housemunkeyhousemunkey Posts: 236
    Lovely bike, classic cool setup and chapeau on that ride!
  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,104
    Very nice. Understated quality.

    Hope that tin of paint that it's leaning on is for the bottom panels of your shed :wink:
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  • Very nice bike, and it must have been an experience riding part of the route the day before the pros! Is it as gnarly as it looks on TV? Did you get any good photos while riding out there?
  • look565wonglook565wong Posts: 301
    Thanks for your compliment chaps! :D

    The ride was fantastic! Totally different from what I've done before, a completely new experience for me.
    In fact, I was so shell shocked on riding the Pave when I hit the first sector that I was ready to quit there and then, luckily for me I grew into it and by the half way mark I was beginning to get use to it then eventually to the extend of enjoying the Pave sectors. In the end I was happy but sad at the same time that it was over!

    Then watching the Pros entering the "Arenberg" forest at full speed was indeed a sight to behold. Going at such speed in a massive bunch on such atrocious surface demands skill, power & indeed guts! Big respect to all the Pros!

    I would recommend every cyclist to ride the Pave for its pure emotional experience!

  • I haven't ridden the pave in Roubaix, but fairly similar although much shorter sections in Austria. It was an interesting experience, quite fun, hut by God did my hands suffer.
  • TMRTMR Posts: 3,986
    Saddle isn't straight.

    Bike's nice though :)
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    nice... :)
  • look565wonglook565wong Posts: 301
    TMR wrote:
    Saddle isn't straight.

    Bike's nice though :)

    Believe it or not, the saddle was dead flat when I started the ride. The pave had caused that :shock: , what with me trying to sit further back on the saddle & also my Ti seat post saddle clamp not being the best design I've come across.
  • Like the route info on the top tube! :D
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