Sineu outdoor velodrome, Mallorca

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Is the surface any good? I've had a look at a couple of YouTube videos but just wondering whether it would be suitable for someone to do proper training on. And I get the impression it's open 24/7 to the public too? Any info would be great, thanks :)



  • mallorcajeff
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    Ive ridden it loads its fine to ride round yes. Its a bit bumpy on the joins on the concrete in places but no its fine. Seen many people riding round for an hour. Just check for glass here and there but other than that its fine. The coffe at the bar is not much good but the square around the corner is fine.
  • Thanks - that's helpful. It would be for a track training camp so as long as the joins aren't too bad for pursuit type efforts and >F500s that would be okay, not F200s or sprints.

    On a related note, does the Son Ferrán Velodrome have open sessions do you know?


  • mallorcajeff
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    Im not sure about the son ferran. Maybe a phone call or email to them?