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Mavic Open Pro 28H rims as 2x lacing?

dbrooksbankdbrooksbank Posts: 20
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Hi. I'm having a try at building some new road wheels, and have a cheap pair of Novatec 28H hubs to practice with. It seems to be really difficult to decide on a suitable pair of rims, due to the number available and what can be easily got hold of in the UK.

I've had a read through quite a lot of topics on this forum and am more confused on what to go for. My weight is 75 kgs and the wheels will used mainly for training, plus I don't stomp hard on the pedals to flex the bike all over the place.

I was thinking along the lines of using Open Pro 28H rim with a 2x lacing all round? I'm also want double butted spokes as I won't get any benefit from aero ones - probably sapim lasers and/or race or an equivalent?

Is this a suitable combination, or should I consider a different rim as the hubs are 28H? I don't want to spend a lot of cash as it's my first attempt at wheel building (we have to start somewhere)

Many thanks.


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,028
    It's a perfect rim to start. The eyelets will make an easier job of lacing. Use Race spokes on the rear wheel or use race spokes all over
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