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My Madone

w00dsterw00dster Posts: 880
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Pictures of my 2014 Trek Madone 4.7, pictures taken straight after my Sunday afternoon ride hence the less than clean state. Was wet and mucky on the roads.
It has had a couple of upgrades, Hope Mono RS hubs and Archetype rims thanks to Ugo. Has Ultegra 11-28 on for my last couple of rides, not impressed with that cassette to be honest, 11-23 going back on. 11-28 has too many jumps between gears for my liking, plus majority of my rides are in Buckinghamshire so the 28 not really needed. She also has a bontrager xxx carbon stem and specialised toupe expert saddle.
I'm not sure about the bottle cages, but not sure what colour/style would be better, open to suggestions.
Trek don't seem to be on most people's list of decent bikes, however very impressed with mine. Rides like a dream. Very quiet, no creaks or clicks.

Never added pictures before so hope this works.



  • BoxstersBoxsters Posts: 325
    Really like that - congrats on the new bike :)
  • mekong_velomekong_velo Posts: 102
    Nice steed, enjoy.

    I rate Trek pretty well especially with their lifetime warranty. I got 23 years out of one of their 2300 road bikes, bought it for £700 quid in 1991 and sold it for £200 last week, so can't complain about value for money.

    Cervelo R3
    Tarmac Elite
  • Lovely looking bike! Enjoy it!
  • Did you get the new fence as an upgrade or was that stock too?! :wink:
    Nice bike - b/cages are fine but possibly white or silver grey next time?
  • Lifeboy123Lifeboy123 Posts: 213
    Great looking bike ...The 4.7 in that team colour scheme IMO beats the current 5 series because it has the same great aeroframe design but the conventional Rear brake mount, not the upside down one on the current higher spec models.

    I have the 2012 Trek leopard 5.2 model and agree about the excessive jumps on 11-28, much prefer the 12-25 has a more even spread
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