Fort William to Inverness: tyres?

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Me and a friend are cycling from Fort William to Inverness next month. I have a giant defy 0 road bike which I want to use as my mountain bike is in bits and pieces right now. If I put on say puncture resistant tyres like these: ... -tyre-road would I be alright to cycle a mixed route of forest track and roads?

I was thinking of cycling from Fort William to Fort Augustus and then switching to the Dores side of the loch.

Any advice on this or anything else that I may need to know would be great....

Thanks for your help.



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    Have used Gatorskins for loaded touring over many years now. Not only on road but mountain tracks, trails and paths including the Camino del Norte in Spain which is nearly all off road as well as Stade Bianchi in Tuscany without any issues.

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    Thanks for that Harry much appreciated.
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    Did this route a couple of years ago. Mrs O was on a standard hybrid road bike and coped OK. I had my old Marin MTB which I didn't need, tourer would have been fine.

    Really is a beautiful ride on the cycle route, much better than playing with the traffic on the narrow A82. West side of Loch Lochy has some Forestry Commission gravel roadways, and there is (or was) an annoying short section south of Fort Augustus, remember it as alongside Loch Oich, which has lots of tree roots across the surface.

    Bracing climb up out of Fort Augustus, a change after lots of level canal side pootling, but lovely long downhill follows.