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hi all looking to buy a bike on line from evans cycles do bikes from the inernet come set up i know you have to put pedals ,handle bars on but how about the gears are they set up ready to go.also evans is abot 55 miles from me if i have a problem with the bike do i have to keep taking it backk to them or will i beable to take it to any cannondale dealer ... 7#features this is the bike i am looking to buy think i will need a 61cm fram as i am 6ft6 any help would be great [url=please]please ... 7#features[/url] and may be this one as they do a 63cm frame


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    Is this your first road bike purchase or first purchase online? The bike should already have been set up so that the gears and brakes work, you usually have to fit the stem/bars to the steerer tube and seatpost/saddle to the frame and maybe install the front wheel, check the tyre pressures.

    If you are not sure about which size frame you need and you have a cdale dealer near to you, you could go and try the bikes out for size, frowned on practice if you don't purchase the bike from them though. If they have that model ask them if they a willing to price match or do a discount/deal.
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    hi yes its my first rd bike went to local one today but only had a 58 in a different model and said they dont no if they can get one in for me to try they had no sizes in over a 58 this was in cycles uk in canterbury.went to another cycle place down rd to me they only sock cube and genis rd bikes tryed a 60 and was a bit small so the guy said but was happy to get me larger size inthat was cube peloton race 2014 model which was very nice but dont no much about cube bikes
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    Did you know that you can order bikes from Evans for you to look at and test ride in any store.A surprising number aren't in every store and they ship them around the country for you.You pay a small deposit on a credit card.They let you know when they come in.If you don't want the bike after a test ride they refund your card whilst you are there.I've done it twice with no problems.Then you only have to make one round trip of 110 miles and bring the bike home with you knowing it will fit you.Probably cheaper than risking the wrong size and having to pay carrier charges.
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    Evans are opening a new store in Maidstone on the 26th only 25 miles from Canterbury.
    Would strongly recommended you get them order one in for you, to try to get the size right frame, I have bought a bike before with the wrong sized frame and it always felt compromised whatever I did to get it to fit.
    If you cannot do that, go by the manufacturers sizing chart.
    Just Kidding !

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    hi thank you ah so opening one in maidstone thats not far at all and its this saturday and 10% of bikes i will go there thank you