Look keo blade or dura ace 9000 pedals

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I'm looking for some new pedals as my 105 ones are trashed after a couple of years. What would people go for between the keos and DA's? I can get the keos for £80 and DA's for £110. I'm not tied to either system as I only have one road bike!


  • What cleats are on your shoes?
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  • chrisǃ
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    Shimano, but they also need replacing!
  • Mccaria
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    Personal preference is the 9000. It does what it's supposed to do with no real fuss. Also I like the blue cleat which gives a solid hold position (may be an issue if you like more float in your cleats)

    I like the Keo blade but on the 1st generation I had one pair where the carbon split, they beefed up the carbon insert on the 2nd generation Blade. The main gripe with the Keo is not the pedal but the cleat - they wear out pretty quickly and are prone to squeaking. I think people have various remedies for the squeaking, but the cleat is definitely the weak point of the Keo.
  • stueys
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    My only experience is going from DA7900 pedals to garmin vectors (look based), no doubt the vectors are lower level look compared to the shims but have to say I miss the shims's, better pedals and I prefer the wider cleat.
  • northpole
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    I tried Look blade pedals and have returned to Dura Ace. The older 7800 all aluminium versions were probably more robust but I'm sure the new ones are fine - hope so as that's what I'm having fitted to my new bike build this week!

    Cleat squeak and generally less durable cleats were a bug bear of the Looks for me. That plus a pedal breaking in half when I accidentally clipped the kerb, albeit it was quite a whack! A pal had Look blades also and ended up returning them with faulty bearings - replaced with DA...

  • chrisǃ
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    Sounds like the DA pedals are the way to go. Cheers guys.
  • DHA987S
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    I run 7900 versions, I caught the base of one of them whilst leaning over too much in a turn. Thought I might have damaged the pedal the noise it made, but just a scuff of the surface. No issues with bearings since that incident. Tough pedals.