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I use a GoPro Hero 1.
I have just begun going out again on my bike ... j6&index=2


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    I think the guy in front needs to learn how to ride a bike.

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • paul.skibum
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    No offence to the OP but the riding on display needs some work - interested however to see that this is at Lanhydrock in Cornwall - used to go there as a kid from time to time and its good to see they have added bike trails on the land - nice to see some expansion of trail networks in Cornwall.

    I am assuming you guys filming and riding are teenagers? Keep at the riding - try and be more mobile on your bikes, arm and legs represent your best suspension, use them and lean the bike not the body to allow you to corner better and keep balance over the bike - Mountain Bike Skill book by Brian Lopes and Lee McCormick is worth a read.

    Have fun!
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