Chainset Advice.

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Ok, finally think I should really switch over to compact 50-34 and 11-28 cassette to help me up some of the sharper hills around N Devon & hopefully avoid grinding it out.
So suggestions please. It's going on a steel Colnago, and whilst I'm quite happy to have modern kit obit rather than pure retro, I'm not really a fan of the looks of Hollow Tech II Chainset, but slowly warming to them. it's golden


  • dj58
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    How about the 105's in silver if you don't like the look of the Ultegra's?
  • marcusjb
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    Specialities TA Carmina is a great looking chainset.

    Partner it with a good BB like a Royce and you've got something really special.
  • dj58
    dj58 Posts: 2,221
    Can recommend Royce BB's, I've had one on my MTB for 20yrs, still on the original bearings, still as silky smooth as the day I fitted it.