Afan - MTB skills development - where?

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Hi all

A group of us are heading to Afan in May, staying at Bryn Bettws lodge. We'd like to do a skills development session on the Sat morning, can anyone recommend somewhere?


Jay :D


  • jimothy78
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    Firstly, there's these guys:
    don't know anything about them, to be honest, but someone else here might have used them. Probably worth phoning and having a chat to suss them out, though.

    Secondly, you could try contacting Anthony o'Boyle ( amongst other things he does skills coaching in the S. Wales area, and some of my mates really rate him. Not sure about his current commitments, but again, worth having a chat to see what he can do for you.
  • welshkev
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    I think they do them from bryn bettws. There's a lock up/cabin type thing in the car park opposite that I'm sure says about coaching etc on the sign outside.
  • JGTR
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    Thanks, I'll google both those and see what comes up, anyone used either??