which bikes are better???

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I recently had my bike stolen and have to get a bike from the insurance company for £500 or less. I am good on a bike but dont really know anything about the specs so it would be helpful if i could have some advice. i am 15 and 6 ft.
So far the only ones i have seen that i like are:
Scott Aspect 640 (http://www.bikereplacement.co.uk/p56859 ... -Bike.aspx)
Saracen Mantra 2014 (http://www.bikereplacement.co.uk/p67450 ... -Bike.aspx)
KTM Chicago H Disc 2014 (http://www.bikereplacement.co.uk/p68589 ... -Bike.aspx)
Diamondback Peak 27.5 2014 (http://www.bikereplacement.co.uk/p68938 ... -Bike.aspx)
MongooseTyax Comp 2013 (http://www.bikereplacement.co.uk/p56404 ... -Bike.aspx)