Boardman CX Team 2014

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Im going to replace the Microshift front mech on my cx team, but I'm not sure if I need to buy the 31.8 or 34.9mm sram mech

Can someone please advise me.

I think the R74 is 34.9


  • simonj
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    Team 2012 was 34.9 so I'd presume the same.
  • hanhamreds
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  • Cutty Dyer
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  • What will you replace it with, I'd be interested in doing the same.

    It is 34.9 BTW
  • earth
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    Do you get chain rub on the cage?
  • townsleyb
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    Just got my 2014 CX Team - and found that the standard Microshift R74 front changer is incredibly hard to change up to the big ring. Totally different to the easy changes on the rear.

    Did switching to an Apex front changer make changing lighter?

    I hope so - or else I am going to have to stop and use two hands just to change up to the 50 chain ring!
  • simonj
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    Yup much better