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Saracen Galibier do it all bitsa.

d_o_gd_o_g Posts: 286
edited April 2014 in Your road bikes
First post on here, thought this was a reasonable enough way to introduce myself.


- Saracen Galibier 58cm frame, bought from fleabay for £100, reckon it is probably mid 2000's
- Ritchey 130mm stem
- Ambrosio hollowtech copy chainset and BB
- 10 speed Veloce shifters
- Veloce 10 speed derailleur
- Cheapo Ritchey saddle, which is damn nice, actually
- Fulcrum Racing Quattros.
- Schwalbe Durano Plus tyres.
- Crud Road Racer Mk2 mudguards
- Bars date from when I first bought a proper road bike - 2005, but that was a second hand job then, believe they are Deda
- Cinelli Gel bartape.

Gets used for everything, commuting, training, Audaxing. It's the only one I have!


  • russyhrussyh Posts: 1,375
    Welcome to the forum, bike looks great especially for the price paid. How do you get on with the road racer mud guards?
  • d_o_gd_o_g Posts: 286
    Thanks, it has evolved over time as things wear out, pretty happy with it at the moment.

    The mudguards are the best £20 I've ever spent on it - they make wet weather riding a pleasure. Yeah, they do go out of alignment fairly easily if knocked, but are equally easy to sort. The normal 'long' rear guard is too flimsy, however, it just gets warped, so I have binned that off and just chucked a short tail on it which comes with the guards. One thing I did think the other day was whether I would be able to fit 25mm+ tyres under them - I have always used 23mm and clearance is pretty tight!
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