Saturday morning thread

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Shoot sleep with sick children and a selfish wife who was away and therefore bugger all help

Today is watch the qualifying and then shoehorn the kids into the car and then down to the sister in laws for a night to celebrate her birthday - cant wait :roll:


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    morning one and all.

    Am up sherwood way in a wooden hut, it's quite plush, went for a quick pedal around the pines, then back for hot tub followed by foods and booze.

    More relaxing, pedalling, hot tubbing, foods, booze, tv sport and wood burnering!

    As it've actually done some off road pedalling do i a) need to fark off to some other section of the forum and b) where do i put my gear ratios query?

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    Morning mongs,

    Off up to The Big Smoke to visit the London Dungeon. Should be bearable entertainment as long as wifey and stropchild get a bit scared, but it's costing me a lot more than than a visit to matthew h's basement.
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    Morning Losers!

    Yesterday was a good day really. Went to the football, where we trounced Plymouth 4-0, contemplating going to watch Ramsbottom today, but need to figure out if i CBA. I need to get out the house though.

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    Morning Weirdos

    its night here so am currently sitting in the dark watching hellraiser 5 ..... really rubbish.... but have whiskey and crisps so its bearable...... onto #6 next...... the question being whiskey or movie...... or both :D
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    My attempts at keeping DIY to a minimum have been foiled by Victorian builders not working to modern standards, the bastards. Took the sink unit out to have a clean up behind it and investigate a bit of damp. Looks like worst case scenario is being fulfilled. Concrete floor with no damp proof is where the damp is coming from. Easy fix is to rip up the floor and use a brush on damp proof before skimming and retiling the floor. Proper fix is digging out the concrete slab down to about 8" and starting again. My back hurts just thinking about it.
    Maybe another cup of tea will help. I foresee beer tonight.
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    All weekends should be like this as today is 2nd Saturday, with just the one more Saturday to go tomorrow :D

    Had a pack of bacons with eggs, beans and cherry toms. No bread though as I am on a bit of a healthy eating mission, Bro is on that slimming world thingy so no sins for breakfast. Can eat as much lean meat, potatoes,pasta,rice and veg as you want. So can eat like a pig and still try and loose Bacon with the fat cut off is 0 sins.

    This is about to be blown out of the water though as I am off to a bbq shortly for more grilled meats and a few pints. Mates home brew Wherry is ready and have a few boxes of Bulmers to take with me. Turning into a good day despite the typical easter weather.