DI2 Battery

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Been using Di2 on my Look 695 for almost 2 years now and absolutely love it, but.... I've noticed that the time between need for charging is definitely getting shorter, and now yesterday I did a 70km ride, checked the battery before heading out and all was well, last charge was about 4 weeks ago. Now getting the bike ready for tomorrow I've noticed the the battery is absolutely dead. Any one has any idea? BTW, im not doing any big mileage, 3-4 wind-trainer sessions a week , 1-2 rides.


  • DHA987S
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    The battery will age, how many times have you charged it? I think Shimano do state a lifetime for the battery in their techdocs.

    You could also have a short somewhere in the system.

    Have you updated the firmware?
  • insella
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    It could be that you are overcharging the battery, which incidentally is the main reason for laptop battery failure. Do you allow the battery to run down until the derailleur switches over to the small chainring? This indicates that the battery life has about another 2000 gear changes left in it, only then should one charge the battery.
    As an aside I charge every 3-4000km. You may have a dud, mind.
  • bikeboff
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    I've had my battery for a couple of years, and I've not noticed any degradation at all. I think you might have an issue, either with the battery or with your system draining the power.