ABC10: Another Bloody CAAD10

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Obviously obvious, the go-to road bike for the man with less money than aspiration. Built for a grand, thanks to some fortuitous football results:


Second-hand 2012 CAAD10 Frameset, in shockingly good nick bar a few scrapes on decals and the discoloration of fork common to that year.
SL-K Light Compact Chainset
Ultegra 6800 Groupset
Handbuilt Wheels, Ultegra 6800 On H+Sons TB14. Very much training wheels, but wonderfully smooth.
Durano S Tyres
Cannondale C3 Post, cut down a little to shave grams.
PX 17 degree Stem
Cinelli Axis Bars
Charge Scoop Ti Saddle
Lezyne Flow Cages

Weighing in at a slightly pudgy 7.6 kg, albeit with some fairly weighty wheels, and a distinct lack of carbon bits. Meets my requirements almost to the letter. I wanted something reasonably light and fast, that would be comfortable enough to stay on for 100-150 miles at a time, without sacrificing bite. Ultegra 6800 is an undoubted highlight, and a real jab to my notions that higher groupsets were merely lighter and more blingy than the lower end equivalents.

Now flame away at my Captain Obvious choices!
BBB Bartape


  • quite a handsome build you got there. nothing to be ashamed of. Accept the image quality perhaps ;)
  • russyh
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    Nice looking bike, but as much as I hate being one of those people who pick holes in peoples set up...

    Your bars look angled down and to counter that your shifters are quite high. I would guess it would be more comfortable to ride if you tweaked that a bit.
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    Caad 10 would be my choice as well in the £1k alu racer category. 7.6kg is impressive and could easily be lowered with lighter wheels (not that it needs it really). Just cos it's obvious don't mean it's a bad choice. At least it's not a Giant Defy!
  • Miles253
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    That kind of weight with heavier wheels is impressive! Especially for under 1000. I didn't manage that at all! Love that colour way on the caad too
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    Can't be picky about a CAAD10... however, yes the bar angle... however with the best will in the world my CAAD10 riding weight, even with the FFWD F6Cs on, is 7.4kg.. how do you manage 7.6 with as you say some fairly hefty handbuilts?
    I have Pave tubs fitted, so could actually get that weight down with some lighter tubs to 7.2kg
  • MisterMuncher
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    The bars and stem are about 350 combined, Wheels about 2200 tapes, skewers included. All up frame/fork/headset/seatclamp weight was 1843. A bit here, a bit there, it all add up. 80mm off the post didn't hurt.
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    Marginally better pictures: Now featuring Open Corsa Classics which I reckon go lovely with the TB14. Utter tramp to fit, though.


    Yes, it needs a bit of a wash!

    I'm sticking with the MTB-style pedals until my shoes wear out, then I'll consider proper roadie jobs. Maybe.
  • I couldn't let it, or the thread, lie.

    A few upgrades later, still as nice to ride...and just nicking under the 7KG mark


    Saddle to Selle Italia Aspide Protek CarbonFX, which is rather a lot of syllables for a seat, but is comfy and weghs nowt.
    Crank to Hollowgram SiSL + FSA rings. Not that much lighter than the SL-K but silly stiff
    Pedals to Ritchey Paradigm V5. Still using MTB pedals as my shoes simply won't die.
    Wheels are now the semi-infamous Superstar/Pacenti jobs. Running true and clear, with 25mm Tubeless Schwalbe Ones
    Seatpost/Bars to KCNC Scandium. Lighter and just as functional as the previous
    Stem to KAlloy Uno 6 Degree. The PX stem was ok, but 6 degrees+10mm spacers was always going to look better than a 17 with 30mm.
  • keef66
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    "Bars to KCNC Scandium. Lighter and just as functional as the previous"

    And a much better angle to my eye. The previous setup was making my wrists ache.
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    7.6kg is FAR from pudgy!
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  • True, it isn't, and it's only really a little buyer's remorse over finishing kit and heavily over-engineered (albeit lovely) wheels speaking there. That said, I'm happy to have dropped it below 7 without any massively exotic bits, and still with MTB pedals and Tubeless clinchers.

    I am currently looking into a £1500 budget lowest-weight possible build based around a Chinese frame to scratch the weight weenie itch.

    Oh, and re: bar angle/hood position. The bars are now about 8mm lower so hoods came up a bit to fit. I agree the previous Sean Yates-esque setup looked funny, but it definitely worked.
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    I suspect your next purchase should be some new scales... :D
  • jgsi
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    I suspect your next purchase should be some new scales... :D

    Would have to agree more accurate scales would be a good Xmas gift for you.
    My 10 in full race trim, still nudges plus 7kg..... only really really silly money would get it under UCI limit.
  • I respectfully disagree.

    Every component was individually weighed before assembly on one set of scales, and the complete bike weighed on another set. There was about 45g between calculated and actual, actual weight including grease etc.

    Perhaps both sets are wrong. Maybe I need two sets.