Road bike with relaxed geometry for commuting

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Hi all! :mrgreen:
I've been lurking for ages but the time has finally come to join the army of posters, and the best way is (probably!) to ask for some advice!

I currently have a cheap flat bar road bike made from a local bikemaker and a Fuji Gran Fondo 2.7.

End of this month I'd like to replace the flat bar with a drop bar road bike, and I'm looking for some advice.

I like bikes with a more relaxed geometry (like the Gran Fondo, or the Ride line from Merida etc) because I've had quite a lot of back problems in the past.

Important detail: I live in Taiwan, which means that the price of bikes from Giant, Merida, Fuji (there's an assembly plant here) and KHS is much lower than in US or EU.

To give you an idea, the Giant TCR 2 (alloy + full Tiagra) has retail price of 28000ntd (900usd), but every Giant store applies 15% discount and since I don't need the wheels that's an extra 50usd off, and the final price for me would be 700usd without wheels.

The reason why I mentioned the TCR is that for the commuter bike I'd like a 10 speed setup so that I can swap things around very easily with my other bike, and alloy would be my main choice for the frame material.

The geometry of the TCR is not super race-y, but doesn't feel as relaxed as my Fuji either.My commute is only 20kms approx, so I think it shouldn't be an issue for my back.

What would you guys suggest for a drop bar road bike with 10 speed (I prefer double) and alloy frame with relaxed geometry under 1k usd? I've ruled out the Sportif line from Fuji because they're extremely heavy and the disc brakes in the 10 speed model won't allow me to "recycle" the wheels of my flat bar (Shimano r501, not great but good enough for commuting).

Thanks in advance for your help ^__^


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    Just buy a Giant Defy then. The relaxed version of the TCR. Not really that difficult. Giant make some of the best alloy frames out there but look for a 2013 model as the welds seem to have reduced in quality for the 2014 range and the paint schemes are horrible. Giant seem to do a good job of making good bikes that look naff (English slang for rubbish).
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    I bought a defy 0 to use at work at its one of my favourite bikes, can't quite put my finger on why, but it fits like a glove. I have another relaxed bike Felt Z3 Di2 that should blow the socks off the Defy, but in many ways I prefer the Defy. Not sure if it's the Defy geometry that makes it feel more direct and smoother gear changes or if it's because it's alloy over carbon, but I absolutely love it.
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    Love Taiwan, my favorite cycling destination by a long way these days. Whereabouts do you ride out of curiosity?

    As for the bike, a Defy or Merida Ride sounds ideal. They both have pretty relaxed geometry which should be fine providing your back problems aren't excessive, and both manufacturers make quality bikes.
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    Sorry for the late reply, busy at work xD

    Defy would be a good choice but I cannot find a version with Tiagra. I want a 10 speed setup (possibly double) so that al my bikes will run of the same components and it will be easy to swap them around.
    On Giant's website (the Taiwanese version) only the Defy3 is available, and I don't want those components.

    I live in Yilan county, a pretty nice region for cycling! (when it doesn't rain (it always rains)).