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I am looking for a quick road bike to commute on, must have a alloy or steel frame and a decent group set for a 500 - 600.

Don't want to use my 2k carbon bike and leave chained up at work.

Secondly what the best pedals for a novice to learn on, trying to the wife to convert and I have spd and don't know about the others makes out there.


  • SPD is a pretty obvious choice. Easy to get in and out of (with or without the multi direction cleats) and available double sided, recessed cleats and shoes can be comfy and walking-friendly (and not obviously cycling shoes if that matters), and available really cheap.
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    I would say that standard SPDs are easiest for a newbie. They don't exactly need any technique for clipping in or out and they're not going to get all scuffed up and look shit if she falls off like Look Keos or similar might. I learned with SPDs and had no problems. Plus the shoes are normally a bit easier to walk around in!
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    Yes their a bit heavy but so's the bike, but it makes it easy if you want to swap around a bit. PS they can be got for about £25 posted.

    Only 53g more than the r540, though, and the m540 which is another good choice is only 22g heavier; add 5g for the old alloy 105 SL pedals (383/330/352: published weights). The a600 pedals are a little bit lighter than the Ultegra road equivalent. (Also published weights)