Reasonable cost couriers for bike transportation

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I've been in email correspondence with a company about sending a frame to Oz. They tell me that the cost is in hundred of pounds. When I pointed out ParcelForce accept up to 3 metres girth, i got told they won't accept it based o volumetric weight.

This causes me an issue I'd like to have resolved before middle of June because I intended to bring a mountain bike over in my luggage for use during my 2 month holiday. There is a catch in that I want to send the bike to family in Glasgow as soon as I step of the plane at Manchester because later the same day, I get a flight to Ireland and don't want to take the bike over to Ireland. The idea is to be repatriated with the bike in Glasgow a week later, use it for the remainder of the holiday and then leave it behind for my nephew to use.

I did intend to personally visit ParcelForce at Mancheter to send it to Glasgow now, given the info I received earlier, I'm not sure if that is possible. The bike doesn't need to be there quickly; it can take as long as 7-10 days if needed hence there is no need for express delivery service.Who are reasonable cost couriers for transporting a cardboard boxed bike to consider in Manchester?