Cleaning internal cables exposed under BB on Canyon

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Bit of an odd question:
Does anyone know the best way to clean the cables on the internal guide where they are exposed under the BB?
On the Canyon CF SLX the internal cables are exposed under the BB like this viewtopic.php?f=40042&t=12903747&hilit=canyon&start=880#p18628965

After Paris roubaix that area is covered in a lot of muck. I’m not sure I should turn it upside down and spray water and muckoff down there as that may just make more mess. I can’t tell 100% if the cables have a liner over them.

Also a shout out to Ugo – the Archetype/ultegra wheels he built performed perfectly on the ride. They’ve been super comfortable for training and while nothing is comfortable on the cobbles, with wider rims and 27mm Paves I was suffering a lot less than others. I hit a big hole so hard I thought my teeth would fall out. Had to undo the quick release to straighten the back wheel in the frame, but wheel looked good and true for the rest of the ride.