Extracting GPS files from Android phone

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Hi, I'm going abroad next week and have been trying to work out how to get GPS data off my phone without having mobile data turned on. It's also likely the place I'm staying won't have wifi and didn't want to wait until I got home. I thought this would be a straightforward case of opening explorer and finding the data, but I've tried three different apps this morning with data turned off and just cannot find them. For Strava and My Tracks, there are folders on the phone but they're empty. Endomondo I cannot find at all. Yes, I have 'show hidden files' turned on. Does anyone know how to get at them or is it more complex than that? Thanks in advance, Si

(PS. please don't tell me to buy a Garmin, that's not helpful, thx)


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    Buy a Bryton

    Sorry, couldn't resist :lol:
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    Unless you're riding through the desert, surely there'll be a local cafe or bar with Wi-Fi?
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    Is My Tracks set to write a gpx file? There will be a folder called My Tracks and in it will be a folder called gpx which contains the gpx files.

    I have My Tracks and remember having some difficulty seeing the gpx files when browsing the phone directories in Windows. I think I navigated to the folder on the phone with a file manager app (I use ES Explorer) and this seemed to force them to show up in Windows.

    Check the phone with a file browser app to look for the gpx files.
  • Thanks for the reply Wongataa, that wasn't the solution in the end but I've solved it, posting here for reference, hope it's useful to someone else. I have no idea where My Tracks and Strava keep the data until it's uploaded but you can manually export them to gpx files in their respective folders through the apps. This is what you do in the Android versions anyway.

    My Tracks > open the track > menu button > Export
    Strava > Save ride as normal > on 'feed' screen tap '1 unsync'd activity' > Export