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I've got a 2010 bianchi infinito, and i'd like to upgrade the groupset to chorus, but which bottom bracket would I require. Also is it easy enough to fit the groupset yourself.


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    You don't really give much to go on.
    What groupset is on it at present?

    Chances are that getting some Record ultratorque cups would be what you need. No idea if Bianchi uses italian or english threads. They are pretty soft though so make sure you dont overtorque them.

    as for the ease of doing the job. Its not rocket science but it can be fiddly. You also need the correct tools. If you have a powertorque crankset then these can be a cow to remove. Ultratorque much easier. Chorus uses Ultratorque.

    Personally I got an LBs to fit the cups and crank on my Chorus crank recently. I also needed them to replace the bearings on the crankset and you really need a bearing puller for that job. It cost £20 and saved me bodging it.

    The rest of the groupset installation is reasonably easy, just take care in routing cables and don't rush.
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    Thank's Calpol, at the moment I've got veloce. What I was thinking of, the groupset on my winter bike has had it, so rather than buying a new groupset for it, I thought it would be better ugrading the Infinito, and the veloce groupset I remove off that, i'd put on my winter bike.
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    That's pretty much what I did this year. Moved Veloce onto a winter frame and bought a mix of Chorus and Athena to put on summer bike. The only other advice I would offer is that you are very careful if you are buying second hand. I picked up a chorus chainset and shifters for what I thought were good discounts on new. One of the shifters required sending to velotech for a rebuild, one of the hoods was ripped (top tip is to rub washing up liquid on these before fitting or removing), the chainset was missing the crank bolt and a bearing so I ended up not saving as much as I thought I was. I also think that the 34T ring was slightly bent.

    No doubt Chorus shifters are nicer but ultimately Veloce works really well.
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    Chorus chainset is Ultratorque which is definitely worth having over Powertorque IME. Bottom bracket is easy to fit with the right tools but do follow the installation instructions.
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    A 2010 veloce could well be ultratorque - as Veloce was ultratorque until 2011.

    Check the working on the crank arms - looking for either ultratorque or powertorque.

    If you can't see anything, check the levers, is the thumb button capable of shifting more than one sprocket at a time? If yes, it's probably UT. If the thumb is one shift at a time, it's probably PT.